Bryan Hulsey


Bryan Hulsey, MK Power Sports Accident & Failure Analysis Team Member

Bryan S. Hulsey has a significant Power Sports racing career spanning over 30 years, and is currently an active ATV racer. Through his years of intense involvement with the Power Sport movement and racing, Mr. Hulsey has not only honed his driving skills to a competitive national level but also gained significant experience in diagnosing Power Sport vehicle component failures leading to both injury and non-injury crash situations.

As part of his racing career, Mr. Hulsey has always prepared, developed, and maintained his high-powered Power Sport vehicles himself. This work includes rebuilding the latest technology of suspension components, analysis of Power Sport vehicle components and safety system failures, and designing and modifying components of Power Sport vehicles for enhanced performance.

Throughout his racing career, Mr. Hulsey has gained intimate knowledge and experience of safe racing practice and race organization, as well as the safe planning and organization of long-distance Power Sport racecourse design.

Mr. Hulsey’s experience includes inspecting race Power Sports Vehicles, as well as safety inspections and verification of large pieces of industrial workshop equipment as a St. Louis County Safety Inspector. Such safety inspection work has covered industrial vehicle lifts, industrial compressors, and HVAC systems.

Mr. Hulsey is trained in technical illustration, welding, and sheet metal fabrication.

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